Diamond Head Memorial Park


WHO SHOULD I CALL FIRST WHEN SOMEONE PASSES AWAY?You would normally call a mortuary first to pick up the remains of the deceased person. Diamond Head Memorial Park is a cemetery so we only handle the burial portion of the memorial service. We are under common management with Nuuanu Memorial Park & Mortuary, located at 2233 Nuuanu Avenue. Nuuanu is a full service mortuary offering embalming and cremation services, and 2 chapels. Their phone number is (808)-537-5255.

HOW MANY REMAINS CAN BE PLACED INTO A PLOT?New full body plots that are purchased from DHMP can accommodate either: 1) one or two caskets; 2) one casket and up to seven urns; or 3) up to eight urns. Urn plots can accommodate up to 8 urns.

Plots that are purchased from private individuals outside of DHMP may be “Single Interment” plots. Those can accommodate either: 1) one casket; 2) one casket and one urn; or 3) up to 8 urns. A “Single Interment” plot can be converted to accommodate a 2nd casket, or more than one urn in addition to the casket, for a fee.

WHY IS A CONCRETE VAULT REQUIRED FOR GROUND BURIALS?The concrete vaults (for casket burials) and urn containers (for cremated remains) prevent the plots from sinking in the future. They also provide some protection for the casket or urn.

IF ALL OWNERS OF A CEMETERY PROPERTY ARE DECEASED, CAN A FAMILY MEMBER ACQUIRE OWNERSHIP OF THE PROPERTY?We would look to the will or trust of the last surviving owner to determine ownership of the property. At the request of the beneficiaries or successor trustees, we would prepare a Transfer Agreement to reflect the disposition of the property as stated in the will or trust.

In the absence of a will or trust, the last surviving owner’s next of kin can obtain ownership of the property by way of a document titled “Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property”. The Affidavit must adhere to the requirements set forth in Hawaii Revised Statutes, section 560:3-1201-1202. After we receive the Affidavit, we will prepare the Transfer Agreement for signature. We recommend you seek the assistance of an attorney to prepare the Affidavit. There is a Transfer Agreement Fee.

IS YOUR MAINTENANCE STAFF RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING CARE OF THE MEMORIAL MARKERS?No. Our maintenance staff is not responsible for cleaning or caring for the markers. We do sell a product called “Diamond Shield” which, when sprayed on the marker regularly, can prolong the life of the marker’s finish.

MY FLOWER VASE IS RUSTY AND THE EDGES ARE FRAYED. WILL YOU REPLACE IT?Diamond Head Memorial Park is not responsible for vases that have deteriorated over time due to normal wear and tear. A new vase can be purchased in our office. We will, however, replace vases that are damaged by our cemetery equipment, at no charge.

If your vase is missing, please notify our office and we will have our grounds crew search in the vicinity to see if the vase was misplaced. We are not responsible for standard vases that are stolen or missing.

ARE ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS ALLOWED AT DIAMOND HEAD MEMORIAL PARK?Our Rules and Regulations prohibit artificial flowers and foliage, as well as windmills and other similar types of decorations. They take away from the natural setting of our environment. On the lawn, artificial items present a hazard to some of our maintenance equipment. Diamond Head Memorial Park is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal items left at the gravesite.

WHEN ARE FLOWERS REMOVED?On a regular basis, whenever our grounds maintenance staff notices that flowers are dried and/or wilted, they will dispose of the flowers and return the vase to its storage position. After major holidays such as Memorial Day or Easter, our maintenance staff will normally remove flowers from the park, one section at a time. However, they will not remove fresh, cut flowers that are in the vase. Flower removal usually begins 5 days after the event.

HOW DO I ADD MY CHILDREN’S NAMES TO THE OWNERSHIP OF MY PROPERTY?Adding or deleting names from the Certificate of Ownership, or transferring property to another party, requires a Transfer Agreement which is prepared by our office. Current owners who are transferring their property must sign the Transfer Agreement in the presence of a notary, or in our office. The signatures of the people receiving the property must have their signatures witnessed, but need not be notarized. There is a transfer fee associated with the preparation and processing of the documents. The transfer of ownership is effective as of the date our office receives the fully executed documents and payment of the transfer fee.

HOW DO I GO ABOUT SELLING MY PROPERTY AT DIAMOND HEAD MEMORIAL PARK?You can either find your own buyer, or we can assist you with the sale. If you already have a buyer, please contact our office so we can prepare the Transfer Agreement, then make an appointment to come in with the buyer to sign the Transfer Agreement and pay the transfer fee.

If you need assistance, we will have you sign a Sales Agreement, and when people are looking to purchase previously purchased property, we will mention your property if its characteristics meet the request of the buyer. You set the selling price. If the property is sold while the Sales Agreement is still in effect, Diamond Head Memorial Park will keep a commission from the purchase price.

ARE PETS ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS OF DIAMOND HEAD MEMORIAL PARK?Sorry, but out of respect for the deceased and visitors to the park, as well as safety concerns for other visitors, animals are not allowed on the grounds of our property.

OUR ENDOWMENT CARE FUNDA portion of the property price is placed into a trust account for the perpetual care and maintenance of the park.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENTWe are continually looking for ways to increase our inventory of plots and niches, whether through constructing new buildings, adding inventory to our existing buildings, or creating new urn gardens.

HOW DO I GET TO THE DIAMOND HEAD CRATER TO HIKE DIAMOND HEAD?The entrance to Diamond Head Crater, a state park and national natural landmark, is about 1/3 of mile from us. We do not allow parking for people visiting the crater. For more information, visit www.state.hi.us/dlnr/dsp/oahu.html.